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Heritages and Museums 

Fenomenal Science Museum Center on Gotland is a place where you can experience a splendid magic in everyday life. They work with science, technology and mathematics and we are allowed to find new solutions to old problems. Address: Skeppsbron 4, 621 57 Visby, Sweden Phone: +46 498 26 34 71 

The Gotland Museum (Swedish: Gotlands museum) (previously known as Länsmuseet på Gotland or Gotlands Fornsal) in Visby, Sweden, is the county museum of Gotland. It was founded by the Friends of Gotland’s Antiquity society in 1875, at the initiative of P. A. Säve. The museum owns a number of houses and farms on Gotland, some of which are used as museums. It also has a publishing house for books on subjects related to the island’s heritage.


Sankt Nicolai churchyard is a church building ( ruin ) in Visby in Visby peninsula . The church has had several different stages of construction and the first church on the site was built around 1215-1220 and was named after the patron saint St. Nicolaus. Address: Smedjegatan 19, 621 55 Visby, Sweden. Phone: +46 498 26 90 00

Visby City Wall is a medieval defensive wall surrounding the Swedish town of Visby on the island of Gotland. As the strongest, most extensive, and best preserved medieval city wall in Scandinavia, the wall forms an important and integral part of Visby World Heritage Site. Address: 621 55 Visby, Sweden. Area: Length 3.44 km (2.14 mi)